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Many photographers enjoy photographing objects and using software to change the appearance, such as the level of gloss. The problem is that this can lose the naturalness of the object and make it look artificial. As an example of this, a company should be presented, you photograph the foyer or the entrance area, the requirement of most clients is that everything should shine and look “shiny”. Now the picture with the foyer is processed and made to a high gloss using a program. Everything shines and flashes. The client’s potential customers are impressed by the presentation and decide to make an inquiry for a specific product. If the customer is invited to the company for a business meeting, the potential business partner is in for a negative surprise because of the picture of the beautiful, shiny foyer nothing can be seen in reality. As a result, the positive image of the potential customer can change. Because this situation can give the impression that the company is more of an illusion than it is. To avoid such possible scenarios,
you should consider alternative options. In the specific example mentioned, you could refine the surfaces with various chemical magic agents and it would not look artificial. For more information and questions:

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