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100 Free Photography Logo Templates for photographers

The purpose of a logo is to represent your brand with a visual mark that will convey your company’s message. It will appear on all your marketing materials – including your stunning photography website business cards, email signature, and in some cases even your watermark. So how to make YOUR photography logo stand out! Here are 100 Free Photography Logo Templates, you can base on that to create your own.
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Beat Color

Color, Beat


Hello Everyone
My name is Amy from Vietnam
I am Real estate photographer/editor
I am very happy to join this room.
Please have a look at my webiste:

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New network for photomodels and photograhpers

I like to introduce you a new network for models and photographers.
It looks great and the sedcard is very nice.

They just started and spend in moment many free accounts.

Have fun

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Tonoli, Giacomo


Hi people,

Italinan photographer based in Berlin now.
I just discover DaAuge website and I like it.
I’m open to any collaboration and job offer.

Have a nice day!
Enjoy my work heres


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Hi everyone

What do You think about aerial photography. I just bought my first drone. This is my website with a few photos

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Philippe Rives

Rives, Philippe

Freshly registered

Hi everybody,

French photographer based in Berlin.
I just discover DaAuge website and enjoy being here.

I’m open to any collaboration and job offer.

Looking forward.

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Das Oktoberfest mal ganz anders…

Bald ist es wieder soweit! Hier schon mal ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf die Wiesn. Der Münchner Fotograf Franz Sussbauer portraitiert das Oktoberfest mal ganz anders……/mit-franz-sussbauer-auf-dem-oktoberfe…

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Fotograf Heiko Gerlicher im Portrait!

Heiko Gerlichers Aufnahmen von alten Baumriesen, lieblichen fränkischen Landschaften und verwunschenen Wäldern begeistern uns immer wieder. Heute stellen wir Euch den 45-jährigen Autodidakten vor, der bei uns 100% seines Erlöses aus dem Verkauf seiner Fotokunst an unsere Projekte spendet.

Tom Chance

Chance, Tom

Win $250 with Photopuff Architecture Theme.

Description :

Photopuff is offering $250 worth of prizes for its ‘Architecture’ competition. The winner will be given $100 cash, second place will receive $100 to spend at Picanova which creates high quality, personalised canvas prints, delivered to your door. Third place will receive a $50 Picanova voucher. The competition is open worldwide, so winners from outside the US can be paid equivalent amounts in their own currency.

All photos with an ’Architecture’ theme will be considered. The winner will be…

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