Here you can find a list of cookies added by dasauge. Cookies are little snippets of information, which are saved by your browser and subsequently used to enable various functions, to make using dasauge easier or to recognise you when you come back.

Name Purpose Current value Action
da_nutzer Identifier for long-term identification of a user. Used for statistical purposes and e.g. to correctly allocate the clipboard without you having to login. not set Delete cookie
da_session Identifier to identify a visit (30 minutes). Used for statistical purposes. not set Delete cookie
da_key Key with information about a successful login. not set Delete cookie
da_token Additional key with information about a successful login via a secure connection. not set Delete cookie
da_ucache* Information about login name and display icon. not set Delete cookie
da_formcache* Information from a completed form that can be reused in other forms. not set Delete cookie
da_mcache Entry count of your clipboard. not set Delete cookie
da_nb_akzeptiert Information confirming that the terms of use were accepted. For reuse in other forms. not set Delete cookie
ziel Information about the original goal of registering to show the way there. not set Delete cookie
iewarnung_aus Information that the warning regarding an outdated browser version need no longer be displayed. not set Delete cookie
herkunft Internet domain of the page from which you accessed dasauge on this visit. not set Delete cookie
herkunft_begriff Search term that you used in a search engine, which brought you to dasauge on this visit. not set Delete cookie

* Cookie contains personally identified or personally identifiable data

Notice: If you delete some of these cookies, you may restrict certain functionalities or lose access to some information that is linked to you as a person. So please use this option with caution and ensure you know the purpose of the respective cookies. Furthermore, deleting cookies will not stop them being stored again next time. To block cookies completely, you need to use a function such as “Always refuse cookies” in your browser settings.

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