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Tereza Krizmanich

Horses, horses, horses!

if you are a horse lover, check out my blog

Also your horse could be in one of my paintings. I will find a creative way to express its special personality!

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Northern california website design

We also provide the services of in-home and in-office website development,designing and training in the Northern California service locations and willing to move to the whole United States.And We will very soon!

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Fox renderfarm-render service for 3D works

Hi,all designers,
This is angelia from Fox renderfarm,we are always open to provider render service for you.
If you have any designs that need to render,please feel free to contact us:
[email address hidden]

Fox Renderfarm has 2,000 servers, each has 2 Intel Xeon E5645 processors, 24-64GB RAM.
24 hours* 7 days render service from Fox Renderfarm allows you to render at any time.

The Apple Guy

The Apple Guy

Apple Computer Repair Service in Berlin

I am a certified Apple Computer Technician, offering my repair services around berlin.
No need to get out of the house / studio / office, I fix your computer at your place as fast as possiblewith reasonable prices  ☺

ESDIP Berlin

ESDIP Berlin

Print without a press. How to do monotyping and relief printing. WORKSHOP

Have you ever wanted to print an image but didn’t have any press? By this workshop you will learn how to make a print using different techniques, without the use of any press! You will learn how to do monotyping and relief printing and we will make an approach to the art of Japanese printing.


  • Gravers
  • Papers (Japanese and standard papers)
  • Matrixes (plywood, linoleum, acetates)
  • Printing inks (offset and water-based)
  • Rollers
  • Spoon
  • Baren
  • Other materials (spatulas, wipes…
ESDIP Berlin

ESDIP Berlin

PORTFOLIO: How to present yourself

Hey there! We are preparing an interesting workshops for designers.
A good portfolio is ESSENTIAL. We will show you some tips and tricks to have a successful portfolio.
2 days in November.

All infos here:


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Kenneth Shinabery

Kenneth Shinabery

Düsseldorf networking event for Creatives by BEHANCE.NET.

Before moving to Germany I attended one of’s Portfolio Reviews in New York City. It was really impressive. They held these all over the world, including Germany. Now, Behance was to do it again. I asked them if it would be possible to set one up for Düsseldorf and they thought it was an interesting idea. This is a great way to network, set up collaborations, and possibly find work.

If anyone is interested in helping me plan an event let me know. Or if you are in another city contact Behance…

Kenneth Shinabery

Kenneth Shinabery

Quick hello to those on the Design Forum (from Düsseldorf!)

I thought I would say hello quickly to those in the Design Forum. I am currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

This spring I moved to Europe from New York City, and I have to say I am quite excited to be here.

If you are a creative in Europe feel free to connect with me either on Dasauge or on ( ).


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Creative Modern Canvas Art for Home Decoration

Creative Modern Canvas Art for Home Decoration

Unlike standard artworkn in home Decoration, canvas prints are not printed onto paper and as the name obviously implies, they are prints on canvas. The canvas is then stretched around a hard wooden frame to provide a stunning effect with no visible frame.

Just why is it that big brand named companies are now choosing canvas prints over traditional art?

One of the main reasoning for this transition is that canvas art provides such a stunning effect. A well…


unique 3D graphics

Let me introduce you a new and very ambitious project: a website

3D graphics making, 3D animation, package design, mock-up creation, POS-materials, clipart, naming.
Online ordering is possible.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on [email address hidden].

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