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20+ Best Free Premiere Pro Templates 2020

Are you looking for a way to create a quick title scene or a slideshow in Premiere Pro? Then these free Premiere Pro templates will come in handy. One of the best features of Premiere Pro is the ability to use templates. With templates, you can instantly create various types of video projects. Even if you don’t have much experience in using the app, templates are fairly easy to use. There are plenty of amazing Premiere Pro templates out there. But, most of them are premium templates. Don’t worry, if… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

Drifting East

Five countries. Seven cities. Drifting East—A journeyman’s travelogue is the documentation of a graphic design master student’s trip through Southeast Europe. Inspired by an old ongoing craftsman tradition, the Journeyman Years, Paul Voggenreiter offered his expertise as a graphic designer outside of his usual environment. In the period from September 16th to December 20th, 2018, Paul associated various collaborations with artists and cultural workers in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Paul Voggenreiter | 

Support „Woodcut Vibes“ on Kickstarter

Today starts the Kickstarter-campaign for Woodcut Vibes, a book initiated by illustrator Roman Klonek, which gives an extensive insight into the work process and the backgrounds of his woodcut printings. Take a look at the campaign and find many additional rewards that Roman has created with his woodcuts. Roman Klonek, born in Kattowitz, Poland, has a spot for old fashioned cartoons and modern block printing styles. In the 90s he studied Graphic Arts in Düsseldorf and discovered a passion for woodcut… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Clara Weinreich | 

10 Minimal Poster Design Examples (+10 Templates)

Designing a poster can be a challenging task. Unlike most other types of designs, poster design requires careful attention to detail and a unique approach to grab the user’s attention. It’s no wonder that even the expert designers often struggle with poster design. If you’re also trying to come up with a creative idea for your poster, we’ll help you get started. In this post, we showcase a list of amazing minimal poster design examples. Here you’ll find some brilliantly creative poster designs made by… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

30+ Modern, Premium Google Slides Templates & Themes

Google Slides is a great web-based, free platform for creating presentations (and collaborating as you do so). There are plenty of pre-made default templates available, but they can only so so far — many are quite simple, and lack polished aesthetics. If you’re wanting to take your Google Slides presentation to the next level, today’s collection of 25 pre-made templates will help. They’re all fully editable, beautifully crafted, and come ready for you to drop in your own text, images, graphics, charts… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Usama Nasir | 

PUBLIC—Editorial Design from Cairo 

Publishing can take a myriad of forms and formats, which are united in the act of making things public. Referring to the original sense of the Latin word „publicare“ (engl. to make sth. public), the question of publishing is a hybrid of display and creating something physical in order to create an audience. Publishing media, whether digital or printed, assigned or self-initiate, could be ordered by their frequency of appearance—from newsfeed, daily or weekly newspaper, poster, magazine or journal, book or… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Lara Zettl | 

20+ Best Free Logo Templates

Are you looking for inspiration to design a unique logo for a new brand or a business? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’re featuring some of the best free logo templates you can use with your personal and commercial projects. Logo design is one of the biggest industries in graphic design. There are various ways to design a logo. You can design it yourself, hire a freelancer, or use online tools. It could cost you as little as $5 or over $10,000 to get a proper logo designed. But… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

Design Trend: Experimental Typefaces & Fonts

One of the biggest trends in website design is experimental typefaces. These funky, unique, and always special fonts can serve as the backbone of a project or provide a special spark. Experimental typefaces come in a variety of formats from handwriting styles to interesting serifs to color or animated fonts. There’s something for everyone with fonts that are a little bit different (or even customized). Here’s a look at this design trend and how to make it work for you. What is an Experimental… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Carrie Cousins | 

Photographic Studies

Archives are storages, which carry the responsibility of universal knowledge, but if you look closer they are so much more. They are the basis of the recapturement and redefinement of communities, which require former knowledge to change. Universities and their communities are constantly changing, as different personalities create, research, and work together. So what could be more interesting than an archive of one of these universities. The photography degree courses of the Dortmund University of… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— | 

10 Best Pitch Deck Examples That Made Startups (+ Templates)

Having a great idea for a startup is not enough if you can’t make others see your vision. Pitch decks are the medium used to bridge this gap. To help visualize your startup idea to investors. A well-crafted pitch deck is usually the reason behind the success of many modern startups. It’s what earns them the first rounds of funding and get the business up and running. If you’re also in the process of pitching your startup idea to investors, take a look at some of the pitch deck examples below that made… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

40+ Best Sketch Templates of 2020

Sketch is a unique app that offers amazing features and functionality for creating app UI designs and mockups. Creating an effective UI for an application requires time, detailed attention, and—most importantly—an idea to get started with! In order to streamline the design process for creating your next app interface, we’ve collected the best Sketch UI templates and materials that you can use for your next app project. All these packs come with hundreds of UI design elements and can be easily… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

9 Website Design Tips for Different Generations (Yes, It Matters!)

It’s a no-brainer for most designers that you plan a project based on a certain target audience. It might be for people who like soda or buy video games or have an affinity for athletic shoes. But another consideration can often be overlooked – designing for different generational segments. Age can impact how people use websites, apps, and mobile devices. Generational differences can affect your design scheme, accessibility plan, and even the language and colors in the design. If you haven’t thought… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Carrie Cousins | 

Case and Turbine

Just a few weeks after Fontwerk has launched with ten type families, the foundry is growing fast and surprises again with brand-new content. Another two superfamilies are following: Case by none other than Erik Spiekermann who collaborated with Anja Meiners and Ralph du Carrois to create a modern Neo-Grotesque for the new Twenties and Turbine, a Neo-Grotesque with superelliptical curves designed by Felix Braden. Case is the essence of several corporate type projects the trio collaborated… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Floodfonts | 

50+ Best Free Lightroom Presets 2020

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most useful tools you can use to optimize your photos and graphics. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it has features suitable for everyone. What makes Lightroom more powerful is its ability to extend its features with third-party presets. These presets allow you to instantly apply effects, enhance photos, adjust tone and mood, and much with just a few clicks. Finding amazing Lightroom presets is not difficult. There are plenty available on platforms like Envato… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

Everything So Democratic And Cool

Familiar faces, anonymous portraits, abandoned landscapes, animals and urban spaces— EVERYTHING SO DEMOCRATIC AND COOL designed by Matthias Last’s Studio Last  sketches an associative collage of our collective present. The images selected for the retrospective of  Christian Werner’s  photographic work are drawn from various series and contexts: shots from fashion shoots, commissions for magazines and private portraits, as well as personal projects. They reveal the variety of Werner’s work, and the vision… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Studio Last | 

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