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100 beste Plakate 20 D A CH

The winners of the competition 100 beste Plakate 20 D A CH for the best posters from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) in 2020 have been announced after the jury meeting on March 4th and 5th, 2021. The competition attracted 600 entries with a total of 1,973 posters (868 individual posters, 321 series). The jury, chaired by Markus Weisbeck, Studio Markus Weisbeck (Frankfurt am Main / Berlin, Germany) with Xavier Erni, NeoNeo (Geneva-Carouge, Switzerland), Andrea… learn more

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Launched in 2017, its catalog has more than 40 typefaces and includes experienced type designers as well as young ones whom 205TF support for their first typeface. 205TF aims to be a virtuous platform when digital typography is sometimes seen as a consumable whose cost must always be reduced. In its catalog, there are only original and quality typefaces; body as display ones; extended families and variable fonts for discerning users. 205TF makes the choice of a demanding selection to be an alternative… learn more

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Summer Workshops 2021

With Summer Workshops 2021 the Visual Communication Institute / The Basel School of Design offers workshops for students, educators, and graphic designers. The workshops afford insight into topical themes in Visual Communication in a study program reflecting the rich tradition of the Basel School of Design. Practical exercises with a high level of professionalism form the core of the workshops focus. Reflection as well as contextual knowledge will be conveyed by way of input sessions, allowing… learn more

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Forward Festival Munich 2021 / Review

Originally planned to happen in Munich for the sixth time, Forward Festival Munich 2021  took place online as Forward Online Festival 2021. Forward Online Festival was all about the transformation of society through digitization in the creative scene and an eye opener to the striking aspects of digitization—applied to design, creativity, and communication: Collaborative work, creative networking, the future of online marketing, digital new-business, VR / AR technologies, artificial intelligence… learn more

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Typeface of the Month: WT Volkolak

We are delighted to present you our Typeface of the Month: WT Volkolak. The typeface is the latest release of the new Swiss type foundry Wraith Types, which we also present to you today for the first time. WT Volkolak is a type system designed by Guillaume Jean-Mairet, exploring the common structure shared by didones and grotesque typefaces. It is available in three styles, a Serif, a Grotesque, and a contrasted Sans, and in four optical sizes, which provide designers with a plethora of… learn more

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Plastikcomb Magazine 1.0

The  PLASTIKCOMB MAGAZINE 1.0 – A Beautiful Mess  is now available at Slanted Shop! In the States, when it was picture day, you were handed a plastic comb, in which your current hairdo was styled to make you look „presentable,“ and more than often you ended up looking like a completely different person. Like collage, you take an image, and make it something else, or perhaps give it a new purpose or meaning. PLASTIKCOMB —a metaphor for collage. „Digital is Dead,“ says Dusty, the magazine’s intuitive… learn more

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Variable Fonts Webinar

TypeType offers a Variable Fonts Webinar for web designers, graphic designers, and agencies. If you ever wanted to learn what variable fonts are, what technologies enable them, which types of variable fonts exist, what tasks they can solve, what the advantages and disadvantages of variable fonts are, which softwares support variable fonts and so on, this is the right event for you. TypeType also demonstrate examples of variable fonts in use. And the best? TypeType decided to share all this knowledge… learn more

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Claudia Skoda

The publication Claudia Skoda – Dressed to Thrill is now available at Slanted Shop! As a pioneer and icon of Berlin’s underground culture, Claudia Skoda defined the fashion of the 1970s and 1980s. She knitted delicate yarns—having taught herself the handwork techniques—into groundbreaking, body-hugging designs that triggered a revolution in our understanding of knitwear. Superstars such as David Bowie and Iggy Pop were soon among her friends. Skoda’s performance-like fashion shows became famous:… learn more

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The typeface Transparent gained its name after its first use—on the transparent of the Artist led action the Letter, a contemporary reenactment of Tadeusz Kantor’s 1967 happening. On May 6th, 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of artists took a fourteen-meter-long banner-letter with the slogan ŻYĆ NIE, UMIERAĆ (To live not, to die) from the Main Post Office in Warsaw to the Parliament, where the letter was delivered to the addressee: „the Member of Parliaments from the Opposition… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Kuba Rudzinski | 

Beyond Design: the Game of Social Solutions

The board game Beyond Design: the Game of Social Solutions  is now available at  Slanted Shop, ready to be played by you! While writing the journalistic novel, Beyond Design: Making Socially Relevant Projects Successful, Renate Boere discovered ten steps that can be taken in order to set up one’s own project. These steps allow designers to render complicated information transparent and understandable for a wider audience. Boere wanted to make this easily accessible and transformed these ten steps… learn more

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No Waste Challenge

The No Waste Challenge presented by What Design Can Do and the IKEA Foundation is now open for submissions! You can submit your work until April 20th, 2021.  This January, WDC D  an international organization that uses the power of design and creativity to transform society, launched the No Waste Challenge. This new global design competition is tackling the massive problem of waste and consumerism— asking creatives to come up with bold solutions. C reatives from around the world are… learn more

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Cihan Tamti — Breakout

We are very happy about today’s release Cihan Tamti — Breakout – 100 Posters Book, that gives you a glimpse into the creative brain of the designer, a boost of ideas, and inspiration for eye-catching design. Cihan Tamti started treating Instagram like a graphic design gym, and worked on designing a poster every day. Without constraints, he was able to experiment, often creating work that no normal agency would approve. Such freedom of approach allowed him to develop designs with strong, experimental… learn more

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The new Grafikmagazin is out now and proves: Print is not dead! Grafikmagazin, as the name proposes, is a German-language design magazine aimed primarily at professional graphic designers, creative agencies, and design students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond. Every two months, its editorial team presents outstanding work from the fields of graphic design, typography, illustration, photography, design theory, research, paper, and printing on over 100 pages. When the almost 100-year… learn more

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Aesthetics of Sustainability

Aesthetics of Sustainability is a beautifully crafted book that lives up to the book’s theme of sustainability by using green paper made from algae, for example. It shows the possibilities of using renewable materials in product design and demonstrates through thoughtful graduation projects from ECAL / Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne what good ideas can do for our world. The book Aesthetics of Sustainability summarizes the results of an eponymous research project led by ECAL / Ecole cantonale… learn more

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Arabic Cover Design Archive

The Arabic Cover Design Archive (ACDA) is a regional research project aiming to create a digital archive of Arabic cover designs from roughly the late 30s to mid-90s. The project aims to create a free and accessible resource for everyone. However, the main targets are researchers, students, and design and art practitioners. The project currently has researchers working in Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, and Palestine. The team has also signed a collaboration contract with Libraries in France and Canada that… learn more

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