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Design Trend: Mono Gradients

Monotone color palettes have always been popular. It’s a classic colour scheme that never really goes out of style. Most recently, we’ve seen plenty of white or dark monotone palettes dominate this style. But there’s a new take on monotone colors that’s trending: mono gradients. Here’s a look at the trend and how designers are making the most of it. We’re sharing different examples of mono gradients in action, and sharing tips for how you can use it in your own designs. What is a Mono Gradient?… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Carrie Cousins | 

10+ Best Places to Find Free Fonts

Typography plays a big role in all types of designs, from product packaging to mobile apps and more. Today we’re taking a look at the best places to find free fonts, and take your design work to a new level. But why is typography so important? Remember what happened at the Oscars 2017, when they gave the Best Picture award to the wrong film? Typography is to blame for that huge mess. As the creative strategist Benjamin Bannister points out, a simple change in the font and the design could have helped… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

form 287—Frauen und Design

The facts are completely banal: women make up half of the world’s population and some women design. The vast majority of them use designed products daily. And yet, like in many other male-dominated industries, women are still less visible in design than their male colleagues. Even as users, in the design process they regularly disappear in the shadow of the standard white male. form 287—Frauen und Design  is dedicated to the diverse perspectives that feminism opens up for design. It collects brilliant… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Clara Weinreich | 

40+ Best Hand Lettering & Handwriting Fonts 2020

If you’re looking for a different type of a font to make your design stand out, a cursive font can be a great choice. Cursive and script fonts aren’t new, but they’re a less common choice for many designers. This gives you a chance to use cursive fonts to add some originality to your next project. Fonts play an important role in every design. Whether you’re designing a book cover, a website header, social media post, greeting card, or a poster, the typography is the main aspect that captures everyone’s… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

Novelties from Little Gestalten

Isn’t this the perfect time to take a stroll through the Slanted Shop? Among other publications you will find various new publications of Little Gestalten Publishers, which belongs to the publishing house Gestalten. Little Gestalten’s picture books, nonfiction, illustrated stories, and pop-ups are addressed to the young readers. Garbage Dog (German: „Streuner, der Straßenhund“) A heartwarming tale about a dog that makes his way from the streets to a new home, discovering the true meaning of… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Laura Nadvornik | 

15+ Best HDR Lightroom Presets 2020

The HDR technique is one of the most popular techniques photographers use to add more depth and range to photos. It usually takes multiple photos and a lot of work to take photos using the HDR technique. However, if you have the Lightroom app, there’s a much easier way to create that same HDR effect with just a few clicks. In this post, we’re sharing with you a collection of the best HDR Lightroom presets you can use to add an authentic HDR effect to your own photos. These HDR Lightroom presets are… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

Monograph of Michelangelo Penso

The graphic design studio Multiplo from Padova, Italy, designed the Monograph of Michelangelo Penso. The Publication was written by Leo Lecci, Andrea Daffra, and Daniele Napolitano, and edited by the venetian Galleria Alberta Pane. Michelangelo Penso is an artist who works with various materials and is specialized on sculpture, installation, and drawing. The artist’s work research a connection between art and science. His forms that fill the space are large configuration of organisms as they appear… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Slanted editors | 

Design Trend: 3D Geometry

Three-dimensional shapes and geometry add depth and visual interest to the digital space. Maybe that’s why this is a trending website design technique. While 3D elements in web design aren’t new, using geometry and geometric shapes to create this effect is beginning to explode. It can be a fun and interesting way to make elements seem to jump off the screen for website visitors. Here’s a look at the trend with some examples to get you thinking about how this design trend (and these techniques) might… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Carrie Cousins | 

New Queer Photography

Art, more than anything, opens up the possibility of approaching one’s own sexuality beyond the limits imposed by taboos. Not only does it allow for a risk-free, playful exploration of gender and forbidden desires, but it is unique in capturing its contradictions. In recent years, a young and active queer photography scene has emerged, helped in large part by social media. Indulging their desire for self-presentation, affirmation, and reflection, many photographers portray male homosexuality in… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Laura Nadvornik | 

10 Best Prototyping Tools for Designers 2020

Prototyping is part of every designer’s creative process. It’s an integral part of your work that helps win projects and clients. We believe every designer should have a proper prototyping tool. And today we aim to help you find one. Whether you’re a user experience designer or an interface designer looking for a good prototyping tool, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we take a look at the best prototyping tools for UI and UX designers of all kinds. You’ll find both free prototyping tools as well… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

Forward Festival Munich 2020

Forward Festival Munich 2020 took place at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München from March 12th to 13th. Unfortunately the event was canceled after the first day, as a result of the current health crisis. Forward Festival is an annual festival for the entire creative industry, which took place in Munich for the fifth time. This years event was dedicated to the challenges of the digital world and the human need for the analog counterpart. On this occasion, the organizers invited distinguished… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— Laura Nadvornik | 

20+ Best Free Poster Templates (Illustrator & Photoshop) 2020

A poster is not just a piece of marketing material. It’s also a way to express your brand and connect with your audience. That’s why it takes a lot of work to design an effective poster. But, what if you don’t have the budget to hire a designer or the time to design it yourself? That’s where free poster templates come to help. In this roundup, we feature many different types of free Illustrator poster templates and Photoshop poster templates you can use to design your own posters for your small business… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

30+ Best VSCO Lightroom Presets

VSCO is a popular photography app for both Android and iOS, known for stunning filters and effects. Today we’re featuring a selection of VSCO Lightroom presets, inspired by the VSCO app, to help you achieve similar results with greater power and flexibility. If you have a copy of Lightroom, you probably want to have more control over the specific nuances of how a filter is applied. We’ve found this collection of Lightroom presets that feature pretty much the same filters, effects, and adjustments… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Roshan Perera | 

7 Tips for Developing a Website Redesign Strategy

With the average lifespan of a website being somewhere between 3 and 5 years, chances are that you’ll have a website redesign project soon (if you aren’t already working on one.) The foundation of a solid redesign is strategy. What do you (or your client) hope to get out of the redesign? Why is the change being made? What does success look like? Answer these questions and it will help bring the design together. Plus, we have a few more tips for developing a website redesign strategy. (Take note of the… learn more

Design Shack  Design Shack— Carrie Cousins | 

Bedow Head and Bedow Hand

Design studio Bedow turns 15 years this month and is celebrating with two new typefaces: Bedow Head and Bedow Hand interpret the studio’s working process and the variable typeface creates a seamless marriage between thinking and making. In honor of this approach, the two faces are named Head and Hand, two siblings in the same family with distinct personalities. Bedow Head is a rational sans serif—a pure strategist with an oversized head to match its intellect. Bedow Hand, by contrast, is a sensitive… learn more

Slanted  Slanted— beatrizaf | 

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