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Pierra Kayser

Artist, Motion- and Broadcastdesign, Grafikdesign.

London SW14 7LT
08/12/2011 (updated )

Stephanie Dingfeld

Packaging Design, Verpackungs-Design, Brand Design, Corporate Identity

London N7 6EP
20/08/2013 (updated )

Gino Cullen

Illustrator & Graphik Designer

London N11 2NN

Design for Selling

Grafik-Designer England

East Yorkshire HU4 7PT
27/06/2011 (updated )

Lauren Kelly

Graphic designer, hitchhiker and all round creative.

Sheffield S10 1DB

Hugh Boys

Design Engineer

London SE4 1TP
07/06/2012 (updated )

Oliver Villegas

Graphic and motion designer

Hildenboroguh TN11 9JN

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