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Taken from the dasauge® job market: – please refer to dasauge® in your job application.


Identify resource requirements across the Post-production department ensuring that each job is resourced correctly to meet schedules – edits, audio, online, admin etc.
Scheduling of the post team – assigning resources in conjunction with Head of BBF UK
Working with the Post Supervisor & Production Managers to ensure all deadlines and schedules are met across all project series.
Managing/supervising the day to day tasks of a project series.
Ensure that quality and standards are kept to the highest level.
Manage all out-sourcing of online, audio etc., quotes, workflows, scheduling and deliveries.
Collaborating across all BBF studios with the Post-production and Production Management teams on any issues/progress and to ensure best practices are followed at all times.
Liaising with Comp Supervisor in ensuring output is at the highest level.
Working with Recruitment for selection and interviewing new hires into the department.
Managing the performance of all direct Post team reports.
Managing learning and development needs for all direct reports.
Preparing and attending post mortems.


Minimum of 3 years’ experience producing/supervising in a Post-production environment at a senior level.
A good understanding of 2D animation workflow.
Experience in episodic Post-production deliveries.
Experience working with and delivering to international broadcasters.
Must be well organized and have strong attention to detail.
Must have good scheduling skills and used to working under tight deadline.
Ability to work on own initiative in a fast paced environment.
Good communication skills and ability to work as part of a growing team.

Qualifications none
Job location Manchester (on-location only)
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