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Waltham Media Ltd provides business software and website development services

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About Waltham Media Ltd

Our Mission Statement
The team at Waltham Media have only one aim in mind, to be the most helpful and effective internet business support team. We always work by the belief that we are only as good as our last project – so if in doubt we’ll always be happy for potential new clients to speak with our recent clients for an un-biased view.

What Makes Waltham Media Different?
We feel very strongly about seperating ourselves apart from the many other internet companies whose advise is never impartial and leans towards unnecessary spending with them. We obtain the bulk of our work through a long-term relationship with our clients, so its in our interest to see our clients save the most money and place investment in the most strategic places to help their internet businesses grow.

The Skills of the Waltham Media Team
Waltham Media likes to keep all of its skill-sets in house and rarely uses freelancers. We have a team-member dedicated to all areas including programming, graphic design and photography. We have a dedicated customer account manager to take care of all our clients on a daily basis. Our lead programmer has been building software and website solutions for over 11 years so you can be assured that your internet business is being supported by a team of experienced professionals with the rich skill-set you’d expect.

  • Internet Consultancy and Advice Services
  • Website Design and Creation Services
  • Internet and Website Marketing Services
  • Website Improvement and Upgrade Services
  • Programming and Technical Services

Programming skill-sets include:

  • Actionscript Programming
  • ActiveX Development
  • Adobe Flash Development
  • CMS Development
  • CRM Development
  • Google base Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • HTML Programming
  • Javascript Programming
  • Link Building
  • Microsoft Access Development
  • Microsoft ASP Classic
  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Microsoft VB Script
  • Microsoft SQL Server Development
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6
  • Microsoft Visual Basic.Net
  • Paypal Integration
  • Paypoint/Secpay Integration
  • Photography Services
  • Postcode Anywhere Integration
  • ProtX Integration
  • Sage Accounting Integration
  • Screensaver Programming
  • Secpay/Paypoint Integration
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Vertical Response Integration
  • Webgains Integration
  • Website Maintainance and Hosting
  • Winamp Skin Development
  • Windows Media Player Skins
  • Winsock Programming
  • XML Programming


Waltham Media Ltd provides business software and website development services
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New Waltham DN36 4GU
Great Britain
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