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He refines a life: learning and being inspired from each other with a smile on our faces. Early every morning with a head plagued with thoughts on utopian poetry and a goal set firmly in his mind, this mixed media documentary artist is never quiet what he seems. So with those thoughts he stretches his body and soul everyday reaching another plane for inspiration. With a cocktail mix that sits rooted deep in his own family background he often romantices about travelling the world. Meeting different people with nothing but open-minded ideas about Art & Culture, love and laughter...Bring back light & colour, authentic music and the sweet smell of Vanilla... Says Adil,..Everything is so unbelievably beautiful we must document, reflect and learn to tell each other stories and to laugh too. We surround ourselves too much with the horrors of this world... This highly original, easily excited, creative individual believes everyone has a story worth listening to. He enjoys both the built and empty environment spatially and is drawn by the many facets portraying its..consequential mayhem and magnificence.. future metropolis watch out! Having been involved in an endless list of numerous Music and Fine Art projects from designing and photographing Nu-Soul album covers to filmed interviews and collaborations with Fine Artists. Adil considers himself lucky to have been graced upon the presence of such talent. The highly imaginative and original artwork will only reflect what his eyes have witnessed. In doing projects of different scales he hopes that his artistic practice will hopefully..create communities for new patterns of engagement... Chance encounters continually inspire him to experiment with different talented individuals from around the world. This ambitious, creative never tires of new ideas existing on a rather complex yet simple plane in a clear-cut, zig-zaggy way. His style is raw and basic often preferring coloured pencils & felt tips to the highly styled design work that is seen in handsome pockets everywhere. Adil observes takes notes, sketches, photographs, films and edits. He will whisper into your ear his desire to know more about you. Then he is gone.


Creative Mixed-Media Designer
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18/06/2007 (updated )

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