Kenneth Shinabery
Lead Creative that moved from New York City to Germany.

Kenneth Shinabery


About Kenneth Shinabery

In 2012, I relocated from New York City to Europe. Since moving to Germany I have worked closely with the marketing and public relations departments at international companies such as Wacom and Adobe.


  • Behance Dribbble NRW Community—Founder. We have hosted over 14 events, featured over 35+ speakers and now have over 1400 members in our Facebook Community.


  • Adobe Create Now Conference in Berlin—Keynote Speaker
  • Adobe Create Now Conference in Düsseldorf—Co-organizer alongside Adobe and moderator for the evening.
  • Became part of the Adobe Influencers DACH Program
  • Became part of the Adobe Community Professionals Program
  • Behance Event in Pescara, Italy—Keynote Speaker
  • Wacom InfoChannel—Writer
  • Wacom Gallery on Behance—Curator


  • Adobe Photoshop Magazine—Writer
  • Lürzer’s Archive—Guest Writer for online site
  • Photoshop Creative—Magazine—Writer
  • What’s Next? Conference Vilnius, Lithuiania—Keynote Speaker covering Social Media.


  • Adobe Conference Planner: Adobe Creative Meet Up & Networking Conference
  • Lecturer for Adobe Generation Professional / Adobe Education Exchange


  • Instructor for Adobe Generation Professional / Adobe Education Exchange
  • Lectures given to the Adobe Community Professionals Program
  • Adobe launched the official sample I created for Adobe Animate CC.
  • Speaker at the Supernova Kaunas Creative Innovation Festival

(See LinkedIn for more info!)

I am highly experienced not only in art… but also Social Media, Content Creation, Contest Development, Public Relations, Journalism, Community Development, Engagement, Event Planning, etc.

What you will learn about me is that I am highly motivated and driven. My goal is to work for an agency or studio where I can grow along side them. Not only am I a team player that has the strong ability to network, but I also can take on leadership positions on projects.

Please Note: I do speak German and can attend meetings that are in German. My wife is from Germany and I have resident/work permit.


Lead Creative that moved from New York City to Germany.
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