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I have extensive experience of working in publishing and journalism in Germany as well as in the United Kingdom. As a journalist I have been researching and writing articles on all aspects of current affairs and celebrity news in the United Kingdom for the websites of the German publications, Netzeitung, Welt Online,, Focus Online and Spiegel Online.

I have been editing German customer magazines in the UK for many years, mainly Jaguar magazine (published twice a year) Freedom (customer magazine for Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge, not published anymore) and One Aim (customer magazine of the Toyota F1 team, not published anymore). I still translate, edit and subedit the German edition of Jaguar magazine. I oversee and control the whole production process of the German issue. I meet with the clients and report progress to the publishers on a regular basis. I am used to handling the day-to-day running of a publishing project including the editorial and financial aspects.

I also have extensive knowledge of the past and current German book market given my studies of literature at the University of Frankfurt and a keen personal interest in both the UK and German book market. Obviously I am not a native speaker of English but my Postgraduate Diploma from the University of Westminster in London, my long stay and personal circumstances in the UK (my wife is British) and my extensive job experience have equipped me with excellent knowledge of the English language.


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