Inga Tartakowski | Design Studio Build_Architecture_Awards Winner_2020

Inga Tartakowski | Design Studio Build_Architecture_Awards Winner_2020
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About Inga Tartakowski | Design Studio Build_Architecture_Awards Winner_2020

Interior design is key to making a house into a home. Combining all the different elements of furniture, light, shade, texture and colour is an incredibly artistic challenge, with the practical difficulties of bringing such a space to life. Inga Tartakowski of formforhome has proven her skill in this area time and again, delighting clients with astonishing creations. We take a look at her work in
this special edition of BUILD to see what sets her apart as the best in the business.

alance is intrinsic to the process that Inga Tartakowski provides to her clients. Interior design is not just what is used, but how and where. It is the considered
combination of furniture, light, colour, textiles, In her own inimitable style, the showroom combines a modern and contemporary feel with an original and attractive approach that makes a house feel like something to be lived in as well as
admired. Drawing on elements of minimalism and Art Deco, it is impossible to argue that she doesn’t bring a sense of style and glamor to the occasion. The showroom is a space where potential clients can come to explore the unique perspective that
Inga and the team at formforhome can bring to your project. decorative materials and accessories in order to form a harmonious and balanced space.

Inga has built up years of experience in the field, starting formforhome in 2011 to showcase her abilities. Since then she has worked in the private sector and on private buildings and commercial properties. Alongside architects, she has been able
to enhance a dwelling considerable, adapting her ideas to suit the overall needs of the project. Every piece of work produced comes from an architectural design idea, an integrated concept and a detailed layout.

formforhome has long been a beacon of success in the industry, but its recognition is this award scheme forthe work they undertook in the Black Sea Residenz is well deserved indeed. The space is one where people can live in comfort, embracing clean lines and a of vision that makes a potentially small space feel far larger
than it is. This understanding of how to visualize interiors, creating an effect that is incredibly pleasing, is no surprise to those who have turned to the team at formforhome before. There are many companies that are more than capable of
expanding on an idea, bringing exciting new conceptions of interior design to light. For those at formforhome, however, the aim is to provide an approach that can translate easily into reality. The team don’t just provide an exceptional concept. What
sets them apart from the competition in their ability to adapt to suit the varying needs and complexity of a project. To ensure each project receives the best possible chance of success, the team have standardizeda process that allows clients
to provide as much information as possible in order to translate that into a dreaming space for living or working. Needless to say,formforhome embraces both a client’s demands and the joy that be found in the creative early stages of any project.

As a turnkey solution, it is not surprising that Inga and her team have proven that they can fit neatly into any production process. One of the features of the studio is its multi-year practice in full implementation of projects. They cover a range of different and stylistic areas. This is best demonstrated in the showroom, which has been designed and furnished by Inga herself. The project characterized the best of her work, with attention to detail in every respect.

The production of a 3D design project which can be viewed from every angle is an aspect that formforhome have used for a long time. Here, while the options remain malleable, it is possible for all options to be seen and considered. All solutions have the pros and cons, with the team ensuring that each is explored to the best of their abilities before any final decisions are made. This is where, proportions and color combinations are defined. It is the stage where furniture suppliers, lighting and all other elements of the future interior are discussed and decided. It’s where the ability
of the formforhome team really comes to the fore. the approved budget, delivering a project within the agreed timeframe at a better price-quality ratio than competitors.

After the design has been finalized, the next stage is the development of formal project documents and a calculation of the project’s budget. Thanks to this fully realized 3D vision of the design, the team can present a clear image to the customer of what the final result will be. On final delivery, it’s easy to be blown away by the results. Inga and the rest of the formforhome team ensure that each project is
given special attention and allowed to thrive. All of the preparation is completed as early as possible to ensure that clients receive the interior design that they’ve always dreamed of. While the Black Sea Residenz and Inga’s showroom demonstrate her
immense skill, it’s clear to see in all the projects that she has involved in. It’s how Inga and her team have been able to achieve such an amazing degree of success.
As a fully turnkey service, formforhome is fully capable of the necessary subcontractors for the job, ensuring the highest quality possible. Needless to say, these contractors have garnered a great deal of experience working on a formforhome project, and can apply this knowledge to make a project’s development as smooth as possible. The result of these close relationships is that formforhome can guarantee to remain within

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