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Hi my name is Dale Heath, I am a 22 year old Graduate illustrator/designer who has a BA HONS in Contemporary Art Practices at…

Dale Easyd
  • Degree BA HON Contemporary Art


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I am a keen and enthusiastic individual who takes great pride and enjoyment in my work. Determined and confident in my abilities I am able to produce unique illustration or design when needed and on time. I have very strong logo, illustration, branding & design abilities. Of which I take tremendous care and detail into designing. My skills are very methodical and precise. I have great communication skills, either email, telephone or face to face and I am able to interpret a customers needs quickly and accurately. Preferably I like to communicate with the customer/employer closely to achieve best results with ease. Therefore resulting the best outcome possible, a faster production period and better customer satisfaction. I also like to keep a track of my learning by keeping in touch with all modern day techniques, practices and fashions. Making sure I have all the knowledge needed to achieve within a rapid growing industry. I can learn very fast and my driven attitude to achieve is reflected by that.


Interest include design and illustration, font/type, typography from everyday packaging labelling to corporate logos, creative prints and the contemporary arts. I also have a passion for various printed media either it be books, posters, magazines, prints, T-Shirts. Zines and publications like VNA, Juxtapose, Light leaks etc.
Other interests include experimental photography mainly 35mm and Medium format. 
Building/riding my own bikes and pursuing other similar activities.
Country pursuits along with my father.
Finally I am an adventurous explorer excited by all the wonders of the world, both far and wide. I enjoy when it is possible to travel and explore cultured cities and immerse myself with local cultural behaviours.


Hi my name is Dale Heath, I am a 22 year old Graduate illustrator/designer who has a BA HONS in Contemporary Art Practices at Leeds Metropolitan (2011). I am currently looking for work and advantages of gaining vital relevant experience.
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Great Britain
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